Hardware Repair

Hard Drive Repair

The hard drive is the most common component to fail in a computer. The hard drive is the device that stores all of your files. It has spinning platters as well as other moving parts and a circuit board. All are susceptible to failure.

Hard drives will fail because of age, electrical surge or physical damage. Most hard drives do not last beyond four to five years though some will last longer and many will fail much sooner.

Anytime your computer is subjected to a power outage, you should unplug it from the wall. Losing power is usually not a problem, but many hard drives will fail when the power surges back on. Plug your computer back in when the power is stable again. Of course a good uninterruptible power supply helps to combat the surge problem. Be sure to get one with Automatic Voltage Regulation.

Of course physical damage can cause a hard drive to fail. Whether it is a computer under a desk that gets kicked or a laptop that gets dropped, sudden, jarring motions are very bad for hard drives.

In most cases of hard drive crash in Houston, we can duplicate the entire contents of the drive to a new hard drive and completely recover your operating system, files and settings so that the computer operates exactly as it did before the failure.

In cases where the hard drive is will not duplicate, we can use hard drive data recovery processes to try to retrieve the data.

Power Supply

The power supply is another common failure point in a computer. The power supply is inside the computer and converts the 110 volts from the wall to lower voltages to power the internal components like the system board, hard drive and DVD drive.

Power supplies will fail do to over heating if their internal fan stops spinning. They will fail from age though they can last a very long time. Power supplies are probably even more likely to fail from a power surge than a hard drive is.