How Does a VoIP Phone Work and How an IT Firm Can Help Your VoIP Communications

How Does a VoIP Phone Work and How an IT Firm Can Help Your VoIP Communications

Approximately 43% of all Americans use their cell phones to go online.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve communication at your firm, then look no further. The emergence of VoIP phones has revolutionized the way businesses communicate

But many people and companies are still struggling to adopt new technology because they do not understand how it works.

Well, keep reading as we explain how a VoIP phone works and how an IT firm can help your communications.

How a VoIP Phone Works

A VoIP phone works just like a regular phone but it’s enhanced to enable you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection.

It’s different from a regular phone because it converts analog voice calls into data which is then transferred through the internet or an internet protocol network. You can receive, and make calls to regular phones and landlines using a VoIP phone.

There are two types of VoIP phones that are the software-based phone and the hardware phone. The software-based phone is usually installed on the company’s computers or cell phones. A hardware-based VoIP phone is similar to the traditional phone with added features like the ability to receive and send images during calls.

The main advantages a VoIP phone will offer your business is lower costs on communication, improved productivity, and allows your employees to have a better collaborative relationship. You can also make voice calls using a computer and linking the system with the company’ database give them more access to information without being physically present at the firm.

The main drawback of using VoIP phones is that it needs a reliable internet connection which might be prone to cyber-attacks. VoIP phones will be rendered useless in case a power outage occurs.

Here's how an IT firm can help your communications.

1. An IT Firm will Help Secure Your Network

An IT firm can help your communication by securing the internet connection used by your firm. Cyber-attacks are a real threat which can severely undermine your company’s credibility and lead to the loss of valuable information. Hence, securing your network will help you communicate with ease and protect all your company’s information from external parties.

An IT firm can protect your network by putting various measures in place such as multiple firewalls which will prevent any unauthorized party from accessing or compromising communication at your firm.

2. Setting Up Your Network

Before using a VoIP phone, your company needs to set up a reliable internet connection. This is where an IT firm comes in, it will help you set up your company’s network according to your communication needs.

This will help improve your company’s communication because using a VoIP phone requires a fast network. When choosing a network for your VoIP phones then select the best IT firm and leave the rest to the experts.

3. Offers Solutions in Case of Delays, or Lags

An IT firm can help your company overcome delays or lags you may suffer while using VoIP phones. IT firms are well aware of the best algorithms to use to ensure that your company does not face any delays in their communication.

IT firms can also help your company improve all your software equipment. Thus, enhancing their performance and ensuring that there is fast and reliable communication.

4. Streamlining Your Company’s Internal Processes

An IT firm can help improve communication at your company by streamlining all the internal processes in the organization. This will help reduce the time taken to receive and send information from one department to another.

Streamlining your company’s organization will also help improve your company’s efficiency by facilitating better communication between all employees. And between the company and its customers.

5. Training on Use of New Technology

Certain IT firms can help improve your company’s communication by providing you with training on how to use new technologies that are will improve communication. For instance, your company may be planning to adopt the use of VoIP phones. Partnering with an IT firm will be a great way to help you and your employees learn how to use new technology.

The cost of training might be high but will help your company reduce the time taken to adopt the new technology. It will also help your employees appreciate the essence of using the new technology hence improving their willingness to accept it.

6. Consultancy Services

You can make your business unique by seeking consultation from an IT firm. This will help you gain a competitive advantage over other players in the industry because it will help you gain knowledge and expertise that will optimize your communication patterns.

An IT firm can also help your company improve its communication by giving you valuable information such as market research on the use of various emerging trends in communication. Consulting with an IT firm will also help your company improve in communication by ensuring that you get the best hardware and software equipment for use in communication.

7. Choosing What to Buy

An IT firm can also help save your company money when deciding what communication equipment to buy. This will help you save from buying sub-standard equipment that may cause problems when in use.

For instance, if your company is planning to buy communication equipment to be used by VoIP phones. Partnering with an IT company will help you choose the right hardware and software to buy and it will also give you an idea of the prices of the equipment.

8. Analyzing Data and Responding to Change

An IT firm can help improve your company’s communication by helping you evaluate the data you have received and sent over a period of time. This will also help give you more information allowing you to recognize any issues about your company’s communication.

An IT firm will also help you improve your communication by identifying key areas that need change or improvement. For instance, if your company is lagging behind in assessing customer feedback, then an IT firm can analyze the data, make proposals that can be carried out using technology.

Switching to a VoIP Phone

Change is the only constant in any business, and the use of new technology in communication is a key in ensuring long-term success.

You don’t have to go through the transition alone. Select a good IT firm that can improve your communication with the use of a VoIP phone.

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