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Preactive IT Solutions provides managed IT services to companies in numerous industries. We have the expertise to offer a wide variety of services, applicable to the needs of organizations operating in many different business sectors. Check out some of the specific areas where we operate and help businesses with their unique and distinct IT support and service needs.

Architecture and Design

Handling the complexities of architecture and housing design projects takes up enough mental space and effort every day you work. Let the burden of complications like cybersecurity, business continuity, and other architecture IT services fall on someone else’s shoulders. Preactive IT Solutions can carry that burden with ease due to rigorous IT service processes and years of experience delivering managed IT services. Focus on the work you need to complete to keep up with your projects and make your clients happy. The IT services and support we provide will help you do your job and make you worry less.

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Many people think construction is only about wood, concrete, and other building materials, but in reality, a significant amount of IT support is used to help construction firms complete their jobs. Construction IT services is often necessary to keep field workers and office management in sync and on the same page, keep the supply chain moving, and to monitor all your projects accurately as they progress. Preactive IT Solutions has all the construction IT support and solutions your firm needs to keep its work on track. Learn more about the Preactive IT Support Process by scheduling an appointment and find out how we can implement it to help you.

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View: Engineering


Your engineering firm needs an IT support and services team that is as thorough and rigorous as your own engineers. IT service mistakes can snowball into catastrophic events for your business if they are not caught in time and prevented. Choose the process-focused experts who are dedicated to precise IT procedures and policies. Preactive IT Solutions will handle your IT support needs with expertise and care. Your engineering IT services will be working like a perfectly built machine when you partner with Preactive IT Solutions.

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Manufacturing IT services are key to the success of numerous parts of the industry.  Computer-aided design processes, the monitoring of supply chains, accounting software, and more all depend on effective IT services and support. You need reliable manufacturing IT support and you can count on that when you partner with Preactive IT solutions. Process and precision are essential in good manufacturing, and the same holds true for excellent IT services. Preactive IT has thorough IT support processes that deliver what you need, so you know you can count on us.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry fuels countless machines and daily activities all over the world, but it wouldn’t work half as well without excellent IT services to support its work. The technology used every day in the industry is complicated and companies using it usually benefit from expert oil and gas IT support immensely. Preactive IT Solutions can deliver high quality IT services when the stakes are high—like when technical problem could lead to a workplace hazard or accident. You can trust Preactive IT Solutions to support your company and help you stay safe and efficient.

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