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Are You a Mechanical Engineer in the Houston Area?

Preactive IT Solutions provides Engineering IT Services to firms in need of a reliable provider to manage technology.

We know the cost of adding an IT team isn’t feasible and frankly, we don’t think it’s necessary. A firm like yours that has less than 200 employees can effectively have needs met by partnering with us to support engineering programs including: AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Bluebeam, and Sketchup. Our flat monthly fee and service guarantee are all you need to get your team’s technology to where it needs to be.

In other words, the flat-rate monthly investment is worth it. You don’t need an in-house IT team. You need a reliable provider. That’s us.

The 7-Minute Guarantee is our promise that we will have a technician contact you within seven minutes of your team contacting us. That’s fast, reliable service 24/7/365. Managers can rest easy knowing systems are running smoothly and data is secure.

  • Preactive IT checkmarkIncreased productivity because managers can focus on their projects instead of IT issues.
  • Preactive IT checkmarkDecreased downtime because we see problems before they impact your firm.
  • Preactive IT checkmarkBackup and Disaster Recovery systems to keep projects moving forward, even in the event of a server crash.
Preactive IT: IT Services Swirl

Preactive IT Solutions is a process-focused company that knows precision and expertise are key to delivering the best managed IT services experience possible. We have developed our IT support process over years of experience. We have delivered top-tier managed IT services to organizations in numerous industries and are ready to bring that experience to you as well. Our focus on process ensures a consistently positive experience for your company and a reliable team to lean on whenever IT issues arise.

If your company feels overwhelmed by the IT problems it faces regularly or the maintenance to your infrastructure is taking too much of your staff’s time, managed IT services from Preactive IT Solutions are probably right for you.

Preactive IT: Managed IT Services - Houston/Austin Texas
Preactive IT: Business Continuity Services - Houston/Austin Texas Preactive IT: Business Continuity Services - Houston/Austin Texas

Preactive IT Services is the provider for your firm because we focus on specific industries, including engineering. That means we understand the challenges faced by the industry and can provide Engineering IT Services that make sense.

Benefits of Engineering IT Services:

  • Preactive IT checkmarkProtect data integrity
  • Preactive IT checkmarkEnsure compliance requirements are being met
  • Preactive IT checkmarkPerform risk assessment, implement changes as needed or required
  • Preactive IT checkmarkSecure proprietary information

Engineering firms lose productivity because they are focused on IT issues instead of client projects. Outsourcing Engineering IT Services helps your team focus on clients.

Preactive IT Services is ready with reliable, proven engineering IT services and solutions. Call us today to schedule an Initial Consultation!

Preactive IT: Business Continuity Services - Houston/Austin Texas
Preactive IT: IT Services Swirl
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