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Check Out Preactive IT Solutions’ Location In Houston And Learn About The Many Areas We Deliver IT Services To In The Region.

Our Houston IT Service Location

Preactive IT Solutions has been providing IT services in the greater Houston area for over a decade. We offer Houston IT services from our local headquarters and have helped numerous local Houston businesses over the years. Local businesses know that the process-focused IT expertise of Preactive IT Solutions cannot be beaten. The companies that partner with Preactive IT Solutions for their managed IT services and support know they are in the hands of experienced professionals who always have their best interests in mind.

Houston is one of the most expansive and populous cities in the United States, full of economic activity and businesses from every major industry, and Preactive IT Solutions is ready to give the appropriate Houston IT support to companies from all of them. If your local Houston company needs comprehensive IT services, Preactive IT Solutions may be just what you're looking for in a managed services provider. We can make your company's IT infrastructure more efficient, improve your network security, and help with difficult IT projects that you may be struggling with at any given time. You will always know what you're paying for, given our transparency as an IT services company. With regular reports of our work, you can count on the fact that we'll be consistently improving your company's IT as long as you partner with us.

We have a location in Houston, ready to respond to your inquiries about managed IT services. Schedule an appointment today!

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Preactive IT: Houston, Texas

1220 Blalock Road, Suite 345Houston, Texas 77055

Preactive IT: Houston, Texas Office Phone Number

Phone: 832-944-6250

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Preactive IT: Houston, Texas
Preactive IT: Houston, Texas

Help Desk and End User Support

We provide all needed Desktop Support for your users including smart phone configurations (iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile) and Virus Cleaning. We provide onsite computer support and repair in Houston and the surrounding area. We support QuickBooks, medical software and any application required to keep your business running.

Server and Network Monitoring

Preactive IT Solutions monitors networks and servers in Houston to predict and prevent failures before they happen. We handle your server capacity planning, user account setup, backup monitoring and hardware problems. Talk to us about our Managed IT Services.

One of our Houston IT consultants would be happy to meet with you and show you how you can remove the burden of your IT worries with help from the best IT service from the best IT company in the Houston area.

Imagine an IT environment where businesses receive simplified IT operations and users receive a rapid response to any computer issue that arises. In a business environment so heavily relying on the cloud and technology for its daily operations, maintaining a reliable computer network and computer networking is imperative for Houston businesses. Preactive IT Solutions is the single point of contact for all your business IT needs.

Preactive IT Solutions is a locally owned, highly acclaimed, well established IT Consulting firm and IT services company located in Houston TX, and has been offering its customers in Fort Bend County and Houston TX with expert IT consulting and support for more than twelve years. Schedule an appointment to speak with our IT consultants about your IT needs today.

Houston IT Services FAQs

  • Why would my company need managed IT services?

    Preactive IT Solutions’ CEO, Charles Swihart explains in his book, On Thin Ice, why managed IT services are important for a company. According to Swihart, “Tremendous and ever-expanding computing and communications power has turned out to make the perfect tool to enable, amplify and spread anyone’s evil intentions rapidly and globally. And these evil intentions continue to escalate exponentially.” A managed IT services partner focuses on your IT needs and vulnerabilities so your company can focus on growth and success in a protected IT environment.

  • What is the cost for IT services?

    You don’t find the costs associated with our IT services on our website for an important reason. Preactive IT Solutions’ costs are based on customized plans for each client. When your company partners with us, you will find our IT services to be budget-conscious and specific to your needs. Call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable IT professionals – 832-261-9486!

  • Does Preactive IT Solutions work with businesses outside of Texas?

    Yes, while the majority of our clients are in the Austin and Houston areas, if your company is outside of that range, it does not prevent you from taking advantage of our IT services. Preactive IT Solutions is able and willing to develop a customized plan for your company, wherever you’re located.

  • What size company does Preactive IT Solutions service?

    The ideal partner for us is a medium-sized company that needs significant Managed IT Services and support. The best way to determine if we are a good fit for your company is to call and chat - 832-261-9486!

  • What is the response time should we encounter a problem?

    A major plus when you partner with Preactive IT Solutions is our proactive, process-focused approach for each of our clients, which greatly reduces the possibility of emergencies. You can find out more about how we prepare our clients to handle any issue here: IT Support Process.

    Preactive IT Solutions’ Help Desk (832-944-6240) is available during normal business hours and will connect you with an IT professional who will assist you. In addition, we provide support via the live chat on our website. We also provide peace-of-mind 24/7 network monitoring for possible cybersecurity threats.

  • Do other clients have references?

    Yes! We welcome you to read reviews, which are found here: happy Houston IT services customers.

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