IT Management Solutions for the Construction Industry

IT Management Solutions for the Construction Industry

Despite its increasing popularity in many industries, IT management software remains underutilized in the construction sector.

Why is the sector yet to make the most of this technology? Do contractors appreciate its benefits?

Construction management software develops strategic methods that streamline construction project from the bids stage to completion point. This technology aims at making construction project easier. It streamlines the project’s job scheduling, communication, decision-making, and other activities.

Read on to find out more about IT management solutions for the construction industry.

Main Functions of Construction Management Software

IT management solutions aim to improve productivity and efficiency in the construction industry. It helps project managers automate their activities and documentation processes.

Here are some of the key functions of construction management software:

1. Accounting

The accounting functionality helps you to monitor project cost and expenditures. It helps contractors handle multiple projects with ease. It automates processes such as payroll, accounts receivable and payable among others.

2. Job Costing

This helps you to set standard rates for construction services. It defines costs and monitors time expenses. It also manages project schedules and boosts productivity.

3. Job Scheduling

How do you handle your task scheduling, employee and equipment allocation? Job scheduling feature helps project managers to balance workloads. It makes it easy to allocate resources and manpower as well as lay project outline.

Why Should Construction Contractors Adopt IT Management Software?

There are so many benefits that contractors can reap from the adoption of construction management software. Some of them include:

1. Information-Sharing

Most cloud-based IT management solutions provide on-site accessibility. This helps the managers to complete the project on time. IT management solutions make it easy to access information since all data is stored in a single location.

Access to important information becomes available with just a click away. The record shows the date these documents were created and any modification made.

2. Offers opportunity for Business Growth

By effectively supporting efficient business operations, IT management solutions help to speed up project completion. The business can take on more contracts and more contracts mean increased market share.

Types of Construction Management Software Available on the Market Today

There is quite a number of construction management software in the market today. Each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s upon you to pick out a solution that best meets your needs.

Here are some examples of construction management software:

1. Procore

Do you want to increase your project efficiency and accountability? You must streamline project documentation and communication. Procore developers are user-centric. They work with users to come up with new functionalities for the software. After the developers understand your needs, they create a solution to help you achieve your goals easily.

Procore supports unlimited collaboration by helping you work with anyone, from any location, and in real time. It’s a mobile solution developed to streamline construction projects. This software offers what’s needed to standardize construction projects.

2. Buildertrend Construction Software

Are you looking for software that combines financial management, and project management in a single suite? Buildertrend is the right solution for you.

Buildertrend is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed off-site. It’s best for general contractors, homebuilders, specialty contractors, and remodelers.

3. Ayoga

This is an IT management solution that is used to link project stakeholders anytime, anyplace. It, therefore, enables stakeholders to exchange data via a channel and a device of choice.

Using this software, functions such as resources, manpower, and cash flow can be connected. You can also streamline important information. This makes it easy to align the budget and coordinate project strategies.

4. GenieBelt

Do you have problems with scheduling? GenieBelt is an IT management solution that specializes in scheduling. It can connect your work sites to the home office so that you can easily share project documents to another team from the comfort of your home.

This system has a dashboard where you can view all your projects at once, and see notifications.

5. Corecon Software

This is software that has scheduling, job costing, and estimating and project management features. The software has multiple dashboards to enable you to view information about different aspects of the project. You can also automate different tasks through the dashboard.

6. AccuLynx

Are you a roofing contractor? AccuLynx is a cloud-based IT management solutions meant for roofing contractors. This software has an array of powerful functionalities that manage important features of your construction business including production, finances, and sales.

It tracks and manages sales processes from initial stage to approval of contract stage. This solution gives users complete visibility over their sales pipeline to help them close deals faster.

7. CoConstruct

Construct is construction management software that aims to meet the demands of the contractors and their customers. This type of software has three modules. These modules handle processes such as client communication, activity planning, scheduling, and budgeting.

CoConstruct has a customization feature that allows you to modify products to meet your needs. It collects all relevant project information and stores them in a single place. This gives you total control over information such as budgets, orders, and bids.

The software has client portals to enable you to boost service quality. It also has a financial module to help you manage estimates and bids.

8. e-Builder

This software helps contractors manage construction schedule, project documents, and capital program cost. It provides users with a complete solution to measure and manage each step from planning to procurement. This solution will help you shorten cycle times, reduce risks and boost productivity.

9. Autodesk BIM 360

This is a cloud-based IT management solution intended to help contractors deliver projects on time. This software enables you to connect in real time to your project team. It gives you total control over all steps of your projects.

This software provides users with tools they need to manage quality and minimize rework. All these functions are meant to help you deliver your project on time and on budget.

IT Management Solutions Are Transforming the Construction World for the Better

The construction industry is now heavily reliant on technology and it’s trying to get the most of software solutions. Your business needs a reliable IT management solution to remain competitive in the construction sector.

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