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Preactive IT: Business Continuity Services - Houston/Austin Texas

It’s the day you hope never comes! But when a disaster hits, Preactive IT is prepared to bring your data and business systems back online. This is the moment when your preparation pays off. It’s why you and Preactive IT developed and tested your business continuity plan. If/when disaster strikes Preactive IT supports your recovery. Disaster may be when your business lost control, but remember that recovery is when you take it back.

Recovery From Disaster

  • Preactive IT checkmark Review Your Communication Plan And Execute It
  • Preactive IT checkmark Take Stock Of Critical Systems
  • Preactive IT checkmark Replace Damaged Hardware
  • Preactive IT checkmark-Recover Data And Systems
  • Preactive IT checkmark Communicate
  • Preactive IT checkmark Review The Recovery And Append Lessons To Your Continuity Plan
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Disaster recovery IS a key element of business continuity. A business that is not prepared for disaster may not survive the incident. Disaster comes at the worst times and at moments when it’s least expected. Here are some motivational metrics: 93% of companies without a recovery plan who suffer a substantial data outage are out of business within a year. On the flip side, 96% of companies with a trustworthy backup and recovery plan endured ransomware attacks.

Preactive IT: Business Continuity Services - Houston/Austin Texas
Preactive IT: Business Continuity Services - Houston/Austin Texas Preactive IT: Business Continuity Services - Houston/Austin Texas

Disaster doesn’t have to be a flood or an earthquake, it can be a code change or a system update. Disaster simply disrupts expected services to your workforce or customer. Every business needs a disaster recovery team that can plan, test, and respond to issues at a moment's notice. However, not every company has or needs its own IT department. This is where Preactive IT comes in. We ensure sensitive and important data is backed up and validate your infrastructure. Preactive IT is prepared to respond.

Examples of disaster recovery:

  • Preactive IT checkmarkHardware Failure
  • Preactive IT checkmark Unplanned Downtime
  • Preactive IT checkmarkLoss of Power
  • Preactive IT checkmarkSoftware Failure
  • Preactive IT checkmarkData Corruption
  • Preactive IT checkmarkExternal Security Breaches
  • Preactive IT checkmarkAccidental User Error

Experience and responsiveness are keys to recovering from an IT disaster. Preactive IT Solutions guides your business through a critical systems inventory. We construct recommendations and take action to minimize exposure and assure a rapid recovery. Preactive IT ensures your data is backed up and accessible. The most important decision you can make for your business is to prepare for problems today by investing in disaster recovery and partnering with Preactive IT for your managed IT services.

Schedule an appointment with Preactive IT Solutions and find out how we can protect your business against whatever disasters may come.

Preactive IT: Business Continuity Services - Houston/Austin Texas
Preactive IT: IT Services Swirl
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