Looking For Good IT Managed Services Providers? Here’s How to Evaluate Providers and Find the Best!

Looking For Good IT Managed Services Providers? Here’s How to Evaluate Providers and Find the Best!

Are you comfortable with your current IT management and security? Network disruptions can cost nearly $9,000 per minute. If you don't have the right IT team to work with, you can end up putting a big financial strain on your business.

This makes it essential to evaluate IT managed services providers so you find the right company to work with. With a little research, you can ensure the provider you choose will meet your business needs and keep you from costly issues.

Evaluation Checklist for IT Managed Services Providers

A managed IT service provider keeps your networks running around the clock. This includes planning, security, maintenance, and troubleshooting problems. You want to find a provider with a strong team of IT professionals that are up-to-date with new and changing technologies.

You want to find IT management with a large pool of expertise so you can trust that all your IT needs are met. There are five things to look for when evaluating a provider so you find the right team.

1. Works with Your Team

Your first step is to find a managed services provider that will work with your in-house team. This means finding a provider that will plan your IT needs with you. This ensures you get the services you need while staying in budget.

You want providers that will provide regular planning services. You also want to make sure they provide reports on your IT management so you always know what's going on. Keep in mind that working with your team includes a willingness to answer staff questions and concerns as part of the service.

2. Available When You Need Them

When you need help with questions or issues, you don't want to wait for answers. Look for a provider that's available to contact whenever you need them. Make sure they have a quick response time so you're not waiting to proceed with business.

Also, check out their technician availability. You want a local team so they can respond to issues when they arise. You also want a company that can deal with problems quickly so you don't lose productivity.

3. Proactive About Maintenance

To keep things running, your network needs regular maintenance and updates. Choose a provider that takes care of these things so you don't have to worry about them.

Make sure you understand their maintenance and update policy. With the right provider, this is a background service that doesn't need your involvement.

4. Strong Security and Monitoring

You need more than maintenance. You also need a provider that will monitor your network so they can detect issues before they disrupt productivity. On your own, it can take up to six months to detect a data breach.

A good service provider will monitor your network regularly so these issues don't go unnoticed. This allows them to take care of any issues immediately.

5. Disaster Recovery Help

Disruptions and outages can happen to anyone, no matter how strong your network is. Look for a team that will work with you to limit these issues and create a disaster recovery plan to respond to any issues.

This recovery plan should include regular backups of your data. Make sure they have secure servers to keep your backups safe. Also, make sure they do regular tests on your backups to ensure you can get back in business fast.

Find the Best Managed IT Services

With the right IT managed services providers, you can remain proactive about disruptions that can occur to your network. A good provider will take steps to stop threats and deal with any issues that make it through the security.

If you're ready to get started with secure IT services, contact us to create your plan.