Plan Before the Problem: The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning

Plan Before the Problem: The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning

3/4 of customers stop engaging with a brand online following a data breach. Half wouldn't sign up with a brand that had recently experienced a breach.

Customers are protective of their data and information. It's more important than ever for your business to engage and retain customers.

Failing to implement effective disaster recovery planning could cost your business big time.

Keep reading for 5 reasons your business needs a disaster recovery plan in place. 

1. Machines Aren't Perfect

As much as we value the capabilities of modern technology, it is hardly perfect.

Modern IT hardware is developed to be failproof, but most devices don't carry a perfect track record. Internet connection and hard drive failures do happen.

It would be too expensive for your company to remove every possible point of failure in the infrastructure. Having a disaster recovery plan eliminates this problem.

Outsourcing your IT needs to a disaster recovery specialist who can back up your data eliminates the risk of data loss and service interruption due to infrastructure failings.

It's not realistic for your company to build your own perfect data center. Leave it to the pros. 

2. Neither Are Humans

Disaster recovery plans can save your business when humans make costly mistakes.

Humans can easily forget important steps as they work and cause data loss or enter incorrect data. Disaster recovery plans and online backups allow for files to be reverted to a previous, error-free state. 

3. The Risk of Not Having One

While it's near impossible to be completely protected from an IT disaster, failing to have a plan in place will set you up for failure.

Customers are more demanding than ever and they expect their information to be protected as well as possible. Planning ahead will a few simple steps could save your business.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place will make sure your servers are protected in a top tier data center with no known point of failure. Your data would be backed up at another data center far enough away to be safe in the event of a natural disaster.

Your business can't afford to risk not having a disaster recovery plan.

4. Keeping Customers Happy

Customers today have higher expectations from companies in all industries.

This is because perfection is the standard. Competition has increased and your customers know that if they are not happy with the service you are providing them, your competition will gladly pick up the slack.

5. Maintaining Trust

Customer retention and acquisition is hard enough. Customer re-acquisition after a breach of trust is near impossible.

When your customers are affected by an IT disaster that you could have prevented, you are going to lose their trust.

It is much more economical to invest in a disaster recovery plan to prevent a loss than it is to try to win back spurned customers. 

Start Disaster Recovery Planning Today

Disaster recovery planning is an easy way to put your business in the best possible position to succeed. Properly planning will protect you from downtime from IT issues and give you the ability to survive just about any IT disaster. 

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