Data Backup and Recovery for Houston Businesses

Backing up to tape or to a single external drive is a disaster waiting to happen. Choose Preactive IT Solutions and let us design a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan customized to the needs of your business.

  • Our affordable BDR Servers provide immediate recovery to otherwise disastrous server crashes keeping your team productive instead of shut down for days when server hardware fails.
  • Our on-site backups allow easy retrieval of deleted files and folders in minutes. We can even configure your servers to keep recent previous versions of files that your users can be trained to access in seconds keeping them working even when things go wrong.
  • Our secure and encrypted offsite backups give you peace of mind knowing your data is secured and protected from electrical surges, fire, flood and theft.

Your data may be at risk. Contact Preactive IT Solutions today for a customized plan to secure it.

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