Slow Computer Houston

Computers do not naturally get slower with age. Two things happen. Number one, we load them down over time with an unbearable amount of work to do. Number two, our expectation is that our computer should run faster because we got to work on a newer faster one at a friend's house or at the office.

So what can be done to speed your slow computer?

Startup Optimization

Our computer techs can look at every program that starts up when you turn on your computer. From the little weath bug Skype icons in the System Tray next to the clock to the five different tool bars you have at the top of your web browser. We will work with you to decide which of these programs you really use and tell the others not to startup on their own.

Free up Disk Space

When your hard drive runs very low on disk space it makes Windows run very slowly. Our techs can help you identify large file clusters like the movies you did not know your child had downloaded and the thousands of Windows update uninstall files that can be deleted. Many times we find gigabytes of temporary internet files on older computers we can remove.

Upgrade the Memory

Memory or RAM prices have dropped tremendously over the last few years. An older computer running Windows XP may have 512MB (megabytes) or even 256MB of memory. You can now affordably upgrade an older computer to 1GB (gigabyte) or more of memory and make a huge difference in performance.

Remove Viruses and Spyware

These pesky programs can really slow your computer down. Our techs are expert at virus removal and spyware removal.

Buy a New Computer

In some cases, it is truly not worth spending the money to work on an oder computer. If your computer does not have at least a dual core processor, then it is probably time to consider a replacement. Preactive IT Solutions sells both New Desktop Computers and Refurbished Computers