Spyware Cleaning with a 30 Day Guarantee!

Spyware Removal

With thousands of new computer spyware and malware softwares released every day, the spyware blocking software companies simply cannot keep up. Even if you are running the latest web root or malwarebytes software, they can still get to your computer.

Our technicians adhere to a consistent, proprietary process when cleaning viruses. Our process is modified as viruses and available tools change to always ensure consistentĀ spyware removal in Houston

Preventing Spyware

Be sure your firewall is always on and that your anti-virus software is current. Be very careful which web sites you visit. To help you avoid virus and spyware infected web sites, you should use anĀ internet filter.

The Spyware Removal Guarantee

If we clean spyware and the computer is re-infected in the first 30 days, we will perform spyware removal one time at no charge. The computer must be brought into our shop for the warranty service. This applies to residential and in-shop customers only and the computer must be running a top-tier, non-free edition anti-virus software.