The Most Efficient Backup Solutions For Your Business Data in 2019

The Most Efficient Backup Solutions For Your Business Data in 2019

Did you know that an institution in Florida paid out $600,000 in response to a ransomware attack? Attacks and attempted ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common. Its effect could be personal financial loss. It could also be devastating loss of company data.

How can you defend yourself against ransomware attacks? One key way is to ensure that your data is safely backed up.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes this step. One survey stated that up to 35% of people do not back up files regularly.

What backup solutions are available? check out our guide to the most efficient solutions for your data.

1 - USB Stick

Think of a small-sized business or a user who wants to protect personal files. In this case, a solution as simple as a USB drive could be the best. Even brand name USB sticks are not expensive and can hold a significant amount of data. They are portable, meaning you can always carry your backup files with you.

Generally, your operating system will have the functionality to backup files. You simply need to choose your USB stick as your backup destination.

2 - Network Storage location

If you have a significant number of files to back up and on multiple machines, you will want to consider something with more flexibility. A Network storage location, such as network-connected hard drive, is like a USB stick in that the storage is local. However, its capacity is much larger and since it is network-based multiple computers can use the same location to back up files.

Your computers are permanently connected to the network. You can set your computers to auto-backup and never have to think about making this step manually.

3 - Cloud Backup

If you have a medium to large company and have valuable files that you may need to maintain multiple versions of, a cloud-based back-up service may be the solution for you.

Cloud back up companies provide often unlimited storage space and maintain versions as far as 6 months or more. In some cases, they can retain versions for as long as you are a customer.

Since sending your data to a cloud service means sending it outside of your business, should you be concerned about security? Many cloud back up providers offer encryption. Search for a provider that offers encryption services during transfer and when the data is at rest on the destination servers.

Computer Backup Solutions and Much More

If you want to do more to protect your computer systems, we can help. We realise that the cyber-world can be a dangerous place and that companies need adequate defence systems and backup solutions.

When our customers face IT issues of any kind, we look to take ownership of the situation. We stay with our clients until the problem has been solved.

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