The Most Inspiring Houston Construction Projects To Help You Stay Motivated

The Most Inspiring Houston Construction Projects To Help You Stay Motivated

Construction projects contributed over $640 billion to the U.S. economy last year. The way construction can change a community is nothing short of amazing. 

Some of the construction projects happening in Houston are truly remarkable. They may even inspire your own productivity and creativity. Here are just a few of them.

Grand Texas Theme Park

This 632-acre area was first announced more than a decade ago, but it will finally be complete this summer. Originally expected to open in 2018, Gator Bayou Adventure Park and the Big Rivers Waterpark will be opening within the month. 

But the rides and roller coasters are only part of the fun. The park will also feature nature trails in an effort to teach guests about Texas wildlife. Nearby hotels and restaurants are also in development so guests can stay nearby. 

Next, the Grand Texas Sportsplex will begin its two-year construction. Other attractions, like SpeedSportz Racing Park, have been open for years. This inspiring complex will funnel in money, jobs, and tourists to the Houston area.

Houston's School for the Performing and Visual Arts

This arts-oriented high school moved downtown at the beginning of this year. The five-story building covers 168,000 square feet and cost $88 million to build.

What better area for a fine arts school than right next to the city's Theater District? It has an 800-seat theater, studios, and several art galleries. Featuring double high glass windows and a rooftop terrace, this high school is a wonder to behold.

The Museum of Fine Arts Expansion

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston has already started it's 14-acre redevelopment project. The first phase of the project is already complete, resulting in the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation Center for Conservation, the Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza, and the Glassell School of Art. The final phase is the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building, which will house two stories of gallery exhibition space as well as a restaurant and theater.

This cultural project aims to focus on more than pure art projects. There will also be several public plazas, gardens, and reflecting pools. This $450 million project should be completed by next year.

Texas Medical Center Research Campus

Called TMC³ for short, this $1.5 billion expansion will cover 30 acres. The project will create one large campus housing:

  • Baylor
  • UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • Texas A&M University Health Science Center

So if there are four campuses, why the 3 in the name? Houston wants to establish itself as the "third coast" for the life sciences.

At the center is a $246 million building shaped in a double helical DNA structure. This campus will not only house laboratories but also plazas, restaurants, and shops. Right now, it's expected to open in 2022, although this could change due to the large scope of the project.

Isn't Houston Construction Inspiring?

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