The Top 3 Managed Services Benefits

The Top 3 Managed Services Benefits

Close to 60% of businesses view outsourcing as a cost-cutting measure.
Many businesses today are moving their operations to third-party vendors due to significant managed services benefits.

Technological breakthroughs like cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are creating new business opportunities. It is critical that firms be able to tap into these opportunities without taking on massive IT infrastructural costs.

If you are considering moving to managed services here are some of the benefits that could accrue to your business.

1. Better Pricing

A key benefit your business can tap into when outsourcing IT is the friendlier pricing structure. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) employ a model that bases pricing on the resources your company will consume only.

Such a managed service provider pricing model effectively passes on certain IT costs to a third party. As a result, your firm is able to operate with a lean financial structure.

A demonstrative example of this cost cutting is in the Software as a Service (SaaS) managed services model. Here, the firm outsources its software needs to a third party vendor.

The MSP foots software development and deployment costs. Your business takes up a subscription and only pays for the software it uses. As a result, the organization cuts on these costs.

Using managed services can help you gain cost savings that you can deploy elsewhere to create more value. Always assess price competitiveness when looking for an MSP.

2. More Experienced Support Services

MSPs that offer managed IT support services tend to experience a similar set of problems severally. Due to the repeated exposure, they develop domain expertise in handling them.

In stark contrast, your firm experiences a smaller set of IT problems fewer times. That lower level of exposure implies that your firm’s depth of experience would not match that of an MSP.

When you outsource your support services to experienced third-party providers, you tap into their wealth of knowledge. At the same time, you reduce your cost on in-house support staff.

You, therefore, gain more skill to troubleshoot support problems at a friendlier cost.

3. Managed Services Benefits of Scalability

These days technology is advancing at breakneck speed.

A firm looking to gain a competitive edge via technology needs to scale up or down relatively fast.

IT managed services can help your firm respond rapidly to changes in its business environment. If you lose a key account, for example, the firm has to immediately scale down to accommodate the new reality.

The ability to scale up or down rapidly has a direct impact on process efficiency. When your firm increases its operational efficiency it will ultimately grow its output.

It Makes Business Sense

Managed services have risen to provide significant advantages to businesses. Every enterprise needs to identify the areas in which it would be best to engage MSPs for maximum value.

Outsourcing non-core functions will deliver several managed services benefits that can help grow the business.

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