The Ultimate Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Guide 2019

The Ultimate Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Guide 2019

Time is money.

You hear this phrase a lot. That's because it's true. Especially when you're in the engineering or construction fields.

Projects need to be done on time and on budget. Every minute counts. Sometimes every keystroke counts.

And when every keystroke counts, you need every advantage you can get. That's why we've put together the top Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Unleash the power of Windows 10 that's literally at your fingertips.

Desktop Shortcuts

These shortcuts keep you organized and help you navigate faster and easier. Some of them are from previous versions but a few are brand new with Windows 10.

Virtual Desktop

The most exciting new shortcut for Windows 10, Winkey + Ctrl + D, creates a new virtual desktop. If you've used Linux before, you may be familiar with this functionality.

Virtual desktops are great for keeping multiple projects organized. Each desktop has its own set of windows and other keyboard combos help you move through your desktops with ease.

Winkey + Ctrl + Left Arrow cycles through your desktops to the left. Winkey + Ctrl + Right Arrow moves you through them to the right.

Winkey + Tab shows all desktops and applications in Task View. Winkey + Ctrl + F4 closes the current desktop.

Apps and Windows

When you need to see all your work in front of you, use these shortcuts to manipulate open applications and windows.

Winkey + Left Arrow or Right Arrow snaps the current window to the side of the screen. Other background windows appear in the open space on the opposite side. Winkey + Up Arrow or Down Arrow snaps the current window to the top or bottom of the screen, respectively.

To quickly access your desktop there are two Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Winkey + comma hides all apps and programs to show your desktop. Winkey + D minimizes all apps to show the desktop. Control + Shift + M restores all minimized windows.

When operating your PC with two monitors, these shortcuts help move your windows between monitors seamlessly. Windows + Shift + L moves the current window to the left monitor. Windows + Shift + R moves the current window to the right monitor.

One last shortcut, Winkey + Tab, launches Task view. Smaller versions of all open windows appear on your desktop.

Screen Sharing

If presenting from your desktop is a significant part of your job, you'll love Winkey + P which launches Windows 10 screen projection.

Connect your PC to the projector. Hit Winkey + P for several screen sharing options.

  • Share PC screen only
  • Duplicate PC screen
  • Extend screen across the projector, or
  • See the second screen only

If your PC and projector are Miracast supported, click on 'Connect to a wireless display' for cordless projection.

Your PC becomes the wireless display using Winkey + K which opens Windows 10's Connect functionality.

Using Miracast, your PC can receive output from a phone, tablet or other Windows 10 computer. A great way to use this feature while traveling is to place a Windows 10 tablet next to your laptop for use as a second monitor.

Productivity Shortcuts

The next group of shortcuts lets you access files, applications, and settings faster. Save mouse clicks and protect your fingers from touchpad burn.

Cortana Shortcuts

Cortana is the Windows 10 personal assistant. Cortana takes notes and answers questions. It creates reminders and schedules appointment.

It also integrates with other digital platforms, like smartphones and smart home devices. While you're at work you can tell Cortana to remind your phone when you're nearing the grocery store. Never forget that gallon of milk again.

Instead of activating Cortana from the Start menu, two simple shortcuts give you complete access.

Winkey + C opens Cortana for voice input, while Winkey + T activates text input.

Access Shortcuts

Accessing apps and settings can be a chore in Windows 10. The following shortcuts make it simple.

Most users rely on the old stand-by, Ctrl + Alt + Delete, to get to Task Manager. Save yourself a click and try Ctrl + Alt + Esc to open Task Manager directly.

To open a run command dialog, try Winkey + R. To get into your PC settings, use Winkey + I. To make changes in the Ease of Access Center, use Winkey + U.

There's also a special menu for power users. Winkey + X opens the Win X menu, giving you access to commonly used features like:

  • Apps and Features
  • Mobility Center
  • Power Options
  • Device Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Settings
  • File Explorer
  • Shut down or sign out
  • Desktop

And love it or hate it, accessing your Action Center is as simple as Winkey + A.

File Explorer Shortcuts

Searching for files to work with can be time-consuming. With these shortcuts, you'll move through File Explorer rapidly.

Winkey + E launches File Explorer. To go up one level, leave the mouse alone. Pressing Alt + Up is all you need to do.

Alt + L takes you to the previous folder. Alt + R goes to the next one. And when you find a file that belongs in the Recycle Bin, Shift + Delete will send it there.

To see a file's properties press Alt + Enter.

Here's a few more shortcuts to experiment with...

Miscellaneous Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Taking a screenshot is easy with Winkey + Prt Sc. This shortcut captures the screen and saves it in a screenshot folder.

Securing your machine is so important, especially when working remotely. Winkey + L locks your computer to keep data safe.

Ever zoom in or out using the mousepad? How's that workin' for ya?

There's a better way. Winkey + Plus key zooms in. Winkey + Minus key zooms out.

Time to Get Productive

Windows 10 is a powerful operating system. It's faster than its predecessors. It combines functionality and simplicity. And it's secure.

The Start Menu is back. Cortana is a personal assistant extraordinaire. And if your laptop is a touchscreen, Windows 10 is compatible.

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts are geared toward making you productive. They let you take full advantage of all the tools Windows 10 offers.

Use them. Get more done. But don't stop there.

Keep your digital infrastructure running so you can always experience the power of Windows 10. Contact us about managed IT services today.