We Know How to Get Houston Businesses HIPAA Compliant

Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA, is a standard which was enacted to protect the privacy of all types of health information, including those which are stored and transmitted digitally in Houston with IT Services.

The Act includes two titles - Title 1 looks after the health insurance coverage of workers when they either change or lose their jobs. Title 2 of the Act, which is also known as the Administrative Simplification Provisions, makes mandatory the requirement of standards for electronic health care transactions in terms of use, storage and transmission for employers, health insurance plans and providers.

Requirements for HIPAA Compliance

Some of the requirements of businesses for HIPAA compliance in Houston, are associated with internal business as well as staff procedures which are included in the Administrative Safeguards. The requirements for a business when it is hosting health information with the support of managed IT services in Houston, include Physical Standards and also some parts of Technical Safeguards.

Recommendations for Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

In the event that any organization stores health information on its website, they should turn to reliable HIPAA Computer Support in Houston.

  • Securing Data on Your Website by using only VPS servers for restricted access, database systems with stored health information to use Firewall to block connections from servers other than your website server and regular security checks to be maintained to check any security flaws.
  • Securing Database Data by encrypting all health information within the database that can possibly be encrypted.
  • Securing E-Mail Data by configuring all e-mail clients to use SSL / TLS connections to the mail server and securing health information by using alternate means such as pop e-mail encryption and encrypted attachment.

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