What is Cyber Security: Everything You Need to Know

What is Cyber Security: Everything You Need to Know

Government officials and business executives agree that cybersecurity is critical to economic stability. The largest cyber attack in U.S. history occurred in 2014 when hackers acquired the personal information of 3 billion Yahoo users.

In 2018, cyber criminals breached a Marriott database. In addition to accessing personal information for over 380 million guests, hackers also acquired 9 million credit card numbers.

It seems like no business or government entity is safe. Even the United States federal government was hacked, exposing the information of 22 million government employees.

Read on to find out what is cyber security. Explore the basics of cyber security including a definition and how to protect your business.

What Is Cyber Security?

Global businesses are responsible for preserving the integrity, confidentiality, and availability (ICA) of information. In the past, businesses were only responsible for physical security.

Now, virtually all business-sensitive information is housed on digital systems. This gives criminals across the globe an opportunity to steal information or cripple systems remotely.

To ensure economic stability, businesses are responsible for protecting these digital systems. Because hackers employ so many techniques, cyber security is a complex operation requiring many layers of protection.

How Do Businesses Fight Back Against Hackers?

Businesses implement a wide array of cyber security strategies to promote the ICA of information.


For starters, it is imperative to train all employees on how to identify and avert cyber attacks. By falling victim to a phishing or social engineering scheme, your employees can open the door to hackers.

Managed IT Services

Some companies choose to hire and train in-house Information Technology (IT) specialists. Others decide this work is far too complex and outsource it to managed IT service companies.

These third-party resources provide maintenance and support for both users and digital systems. In addition, managed IT services respond to cyber attacks in real time.

Cloud Servers 

To shore up digital systems, a growing number of companies are turning to cloud services. Implementing cloud-based solutions ensure that all employees are working on the same secure network. This is true regardless of physical location or device in use.

Backup and Recovery

Another important element of cyber security is backup and recovery services. In some cases, the intent of hackers is to permanently destroy critical company information.

It is unwise in the digital era to store data in one location. There needs to be a plan B in the event of a cyber attack.

This is where managed IT services come back into play. A third-party IT company implements off-site backups to cloud servers.

Not only is the backup drive encrypted, but also stored in a secure data center. This means you can keep the business operational in the event that a hacker is successful.

Wrapping It Up

Clearly, professional hackers are dangerous and all systems are vulnerable. The key to cyber security is employing a multi-pronged strategy including items like training and a recovery process.

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