What Is Data Availability and How Businesses Can Make Their Data More Accessible

What Is Data Availability and How Businesses Can Make Their Data More Accessible

In the modern world, there's one thing businesses value more than their profits: their information. If businesses lose their data or lose control of their information systems, they grind to a halt. Information is power, and without it, companies lose control over their markets.

Some company leaders take that to mean they need to guard their company's information like priceless jewels. They believe that it should be available to no one but themselves, but that will also cripple a company. Data only has value as it's used, so if companies restrict their data availability, they restrict their own potential.

There's a careful balancing act between making data less available as a way to protect it and giving the people who need company data access to it. One misstep can have disastrous results. A data breach or any kind of data disaster can wreak havoc on your brand, your market position, and your revenue.

The only way to increase your data availability while also securing it is to do your research. Keep reading below to learn more about data availability! The better the balance between accessibility and security, the better off your company will be.

More Data Availability Means More Efficiency

The more data that your employees and clients have access to, the better they'll be at communicating and making decisions. When people have access to information, they aren't left in the dark when decisions get made. The more accessible your data is, the more your company can operate as a single unit.

When your teams can work as one, they get more done. They achieve more and can approach problems with more creativity since they have more data to go off of. More data means your company can plan for the future better and have a better sense of how actions may impact other areas of the company.

More data accessibility also means your company will be able to predict the impact it can have on its market. In the end, more accessible data means more efficiency and more revenue for you.

Employees Need Information to Make Decisions

Managers don't like employees that need their hands held as they go about their jobs. Instead, they prefer employees who can take initiative and make decisions without their bosses telling them what to do. A good employee is one that managers can trust to act independently and effectively.

Acting effectively without a manager to guide you is impossible if you don't understand how your decisions can impact the company. Employees that seek guidance from their managers aren't bad employees. They often just lack the information they need to take action.

Making your company's data more available to your employees will enable them to make better decisions. It will give your managers more time to focus on broader strategies, and your company will be more successful as a whole.

Show Off Your Strengths to Clients

You need clients to make money — that's the most fundamental part of any business. Yet, attracting clients can be one of the most difficult parts of any marketing strategy. It can seem impossible to convince people you're better than your competition if you don't have any prior client success stories to tell.

Luckily, numbers can tell stories that words could never hope to achieve. By selecting specific data points to show potential clients, you can convince them that you're worth investing in. By picking the right kinds of data, you can weave a narrative about your company that clients will believe in.

Numbers don't lie, and if you show off your revenue projections or data about your teams, you can convince potential clients to pick you for their next project!

Redundancy is a Strategy, Not an Inefficiency

Making data more available also means making it more secure, and the first step to securing data is making backups. When you backup your company's data, you're investing in its future. For a few dollars of server space and a few minutes spent uploading data, you can guarantee your company will be ready for disaster.

You shouldn't stop at one backup, though. You should routinely backup your data and make it accessible by anyone who may need to look at it. Data backups can be about more than preserving it in case something happens to your IT systems.

Backups can also help you find new trends in your company or determine where your company is heading. Historical data can help identify your strengths and weakness. When people can access and review your backups, they may start to find those things, helping you refine your strategies.

Virtualization Makes Your Data Accessible Virtually Everywhere

There was a time when people would rely on hardware to preserve their data. They would need to protect hard drives and disks with actual security so that their backups would be there if they needed them. Backups weren't virtual; they were physical copies that needed to be held somewhere and protected.

Luckily, those days are over. Instead of copying data onto tangible hardware, you can virtualize it. In essence, this means copying your information onto a cloud where anyone can access it anywhere. Yet, it's also more robust than only copying data.

Virtualization technology can update your company data on the fly. It enables people to do more than review company data whenever they need it. When you virtualize company information, you give people the power to engage that information and interact with it.

Being able to work anywhere means more productivity for your company and more revenue for you!

Data Accessibility and Availability is a Large Field

Data availability and data accessibility are fields of IT that include more than backups and the cloud. They include the style in which company information is presented and communicated. There are different ways of accessing company data that have inherent benefits and disadvantages.

There's no way any one person can ever claim to know everything about the fields. Yet, there are people who have developed expertise in these fields and can lead you through them to make your data more accessible and your company more efficient. We are those people.

Contact us and we will work with you to make sure your company engages with its data directly and efficiently. That way, you will be better suited to rise in your market and make you a market leader!