Your Must-have Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist: 5 Things Everyone Should Include

Your Must-have Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist: 5 Things Everyone Should Include

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston only two years ago in 2017. It caused over $125 billion in damage. And it won't be the last time a hurricane hits Houston.

Another natural disaster like Harvey can spell complete disaster for your business. If you were caught in the aftermath two years ago, you know first hand that you need a disaster recovery plan.

Check out our disaster recovery plan checklist.

1. Set Up a Chain of Command - Protect Your Team

When disaster strikes, you need to know who is in charge, who plays back up, and what everyone's roles are. Establish these positions long before they're needed.

Know what assets need to be protected or relocated in a disaster. Make sure the assigned people are prepared to handle their roles. Consider setting up a phone tree to make sure your staff is safe. Make sure to accommodate employees with disabilities in your plan.

2. Have a Plan With Your Vendors and Partners

These companies should have disaster plans of their own - and they should accommodate you too. After all, the plan is to get your businesses up and running again as soon as possible with limited loss.

Make sure your vendors do have recovery plans. Store their information in a safe, off-site, location.

3. Know Which Operations are Vital

What part of your business absolutely must be up and running first to keep the company rolling?

Walkthrough disaster plans with your core employees. Make sure everyone knows how to restore the vital operations.

Again, make sure everyone knows their role. Make sure they're prepared to take on this responsibility to keep the company running.

4. Have a Back-Up Location

During a disaster, everyone should know where to meet. This includes your employees, and any vendors you need to communicate with right away.

You can also store back-ups of vital documents and resources to keep your business running until you can return to your home base.

5. Protect Your IT

Your business undoubtedly has IT structures, and they need to be protected. Depending on your company, getting your IT running again is vital to your business.

You can check out our free downloadable book to help you pick the right IT company. Or click here to learn about our customized disaster recovery services.

Use Our Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist to Protect Your Business

No one wants to think about the recent devastation left in Hurricane Harvey's wake. But the unprepared are doomed to suffer in the next inevitable natural disaster.

When you put together your own disaster recovery plan checklist, don't forget about IT. Make sure to include a professional team ready to protect your company. We customize our plans for exactly your business needs.

Are you ready to have a professional IT company on your team in the event of a disaster? Contact us today to learn how we can help!