Ensuring the Safety of Your Valuable Information

When it comes to data protection, backups are crucial for ensuring the safety of your valuable information. We have all experienced the frustration of losing a precious photo or digital file, but imagine the consequences of losing an entire department's files or even your entire business's data. Your cloud-stored data, workstations, and office servers are susceptible to various risks, including hackers, viruses, hardware failures, and human errors. Many people assume that their files are safe in the cloud and that companies like Microsoft have comprehensive backup systems in place. However, Microsoft's backups typically only cover a few weeks, and they explicitly state that they are not responsible for damages caused by cyber threats or phishing attacks. It is your responsibility to ensure that your cloud data is adequately backed up, just like the servers in your office.

What Type of Backups are Right for Your Business

There are different types of backups to consider, such as endpoint backups, server backups, local backups, off-site backups, file-level backups, full-image backups, and cloud-to-cloud backups. Determining the appropriate backup strategy for your business requires consultation with an IT consulting professional. Factors that influence the choice include the location of your data, the acceptable downtime in the event of a disaster, and how far back in time you might need to restore a file.

Verifying Your Backups IS Critical

Regardless of the backup system you have in place, it is crucial to verify that it is working effectively. Every backup software includes reporting features, which may provide monthly summaries or send daily reports via email. You do not need to be an IT expert to understand a backup report. The report should indicate when the backup ran, what data was backed up, and whether the process was successful. It's important to review the monthly report to ensure that all necessary data is being backed up and that there are no recurring backup failures. If anything appears amiss in the report, don't hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification.

In summary, implementing a reliable backup strategy is essential for safeguarding your business's data. Understanding the different types of backups available, consulting with professionals, and regularly reviewing backup reports will help ensure that your data is protected and that any potential issues are promptly addressed. Preactive IT Solutions provides IT Consulting Services to Austin, Houston, and San Antonio companies.

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