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The Preactive IT Support Process

Looking for an IT Consultant with a proven process to deliver IT support for your business? Preactive IT Solutions audits, prioritizes, and plans for your IT needs.

perform standards
alignment audit

quickly address
no cost alignment

issue priority

budget, plan & schedule
highest priority issues

execute plan

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    Managed IT Services

    Our comprehensive documentation and focus on efficient process ensures your company will have quality managed IT services at your fingertips when you partner with Preactive IT Solutions.

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    Preactive IT Solutions keeps your data and network safe and sound. Our security processes are comprehensive and rigorous, ensuring your company is protected.

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    VoIP Services

    Need a way to keep your employees connected? Ask us about VoIP services. With VoIP your staff stays in touch as long as there is an Internet connection, making sure your company's workflow is maintained.

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    Business Continuity

    Preactive IT Solutions will help you develop an appropriate business continuity plan that will protect you against harmful downtime and guard against the risk of lost infrastructure or data.

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    Co-Managed IT

    If you have an existing IT department but need more support without giving full control to another company, then Preactive IT’s Co-Managed IT services are the right fit for you. We can work together to handle all your company’s IT support needs providing you the benefits of our rigorous IT support processes and our extensive expertise.

Here is what that looks like:

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    Perform a Standards Alignment Audit

    We go through your servers and network with a magnifying glass comparing it in great detail to our standards. We document which items are and are not in alignment with the standards.

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    Quickly Address any No Cost Alignment Issues

    Many of the issues, especially with new clients, will be configuration changes to your existing system that will make things more stable and reliable and not cost you anything.

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    Determine Issue Priority

    We document which of the misalignment issues we think are the most critical to address.

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    Budget, Plan & Schedule the Highest Priority Issues

    We meet with you to discuss the most critical issues, look at budgets and cost and work with you to determine which issues can be addressed and when.

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    Execute the Agreed Upon Plan

    We make it happen! We execute on the plans we made together and we do it within your budget and timeline.

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    Perform a Standards Alignment Audit

    We start at the top and do it all again. Every time we go through this cycle, your technology becomes more and more stable and dependable.

A Responsive IT Company

Many IT companies advertise that they are responsive, but what does that mean?

If they are truly responsive, that's great. That should mean that they are quick to help your users with support issues. Responsive to server and infrastructure issues is the wrong approach. That means they are waiting patiently, ready to quickly pounce on infrastructure issues as they arise, fixing those issues just as quickly as humanly possible. It's like a game of whack-a-mole. Just hitting the problems as they poke their heads up and trying to keep downtime to a minimum.

Preactive IT: Responsive IT in Houston
Preactive IT: Houston, Texas

We Are Process Focused IT Consultants

Our Technology Success process is a different approach. We believe it is our job to PREVENT those infrastructure issues and ALL downtime in the first place.

Over our many years supporting companies around Texas, we have developed a list of standards that we use to guide what we do when supporting your systems.

This does NOT mean that we step in day one and demand that you replace everything as so many IT companies do. This means that we aim for the gold standard and as it is reasonable for you, we move that direction.

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