4 Quick ways to boost your online presence

Reputation and image management are important for businesses that desire wealth, trustworthiness, and entrepreneurial longevity. The good news is you don’t have to be a genius to keep your company alive online. Just follow these simple steps. Be seen on search results In his book on online reputation management, Tyler Collins, a digital marketing expert […]

Protect your network from watering hole attacks

With evil elements continuously developing novel ways to infiltrate networks and steal user data, it is more crucial than ever to stay one step ahead of the curve. Protect yourself from cybercriminals by learning more about their methods. Here are some tips to deal with the threat of watering hole attacks: What are watering hole […]

5 Online Safety Tips to Protect Employees

Employees cause more than 40% of all business-related security breaches. This makes it the number one threat to your cybersecurity.

How can you protect your business if it is your employees that are creating the risk? You educate them by giving them online safety tips.

Prioritizing data backups with analytics

Staggering amounts of information is generated every day and many businesses would struggle to operate without their databases. In fact, experts agree that by 2020, there will be 1,700 gigabytes of data generated per person on the planet. If you’re a business that’s worried about protecting its data, analytics tools are a great place to […]

7 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud For Business Computing

Did you know that 77% of businesses use some form of cloud computing? That's because there are a ton of benefits of moving to the cloud! Some of these include saving money, staying secure, and even saving the planet!

Curious about why you should move to the cloud? Read on to learn about 7 benefits of moving your business data to the cloud!

1. Save Money

While you might be wary to make the switch due to the initial costs, in the end, it will pay for itself.