Prioritizing data backups with analytics

Staggering amounts of information is generated every day and many businesses would struggle to operate without their databases. In fact, experts agree that by 2020, there will be 1,700 gigabytes of data generated per person on the planet. If you’re a business that’s worried about protecting its data, analytics tools are a great place to […]

7 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud For Business Computing

Did you know that 77% of businesses use some form of cloud computing? That's because there are a ton of benefits of moving to the cloud! Some of these include saving money, staying secure, and even saving the planet!

Curious about why you should move to the cloud? Read on to learn about 7 benefits of moving your business data to the cloud!

1. Save Money

While you might be wary to make the switch due to the initial costs, in the end, it will pay for itself.

How Does a VoIP Phone Work and How an IT Firm Can Help Your VoIP Communications

Approximately 43% of all Americans use their cell phones to go online.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve communication at your firm, then look no further. The emergence of VoIP phones has revolutionized the way businesses communicate

But many people and companies are still struggling to adopt new technology because they do not understand how it works.