Share Your Printer

Many home computer users have gone to the trouble of setting up a home network to share their Internet connection, but they don't realize that network can be used to share other resources as well. One very useful resource to share is a printer. With a home network, you do not need one printer for each computer, they can all share the same one.

The best security for Windows XP is free!

I see computer users all the time spending a lot of money on products like Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, McAfee Personal Firewall and others. These software packages provide virus protection and firewall solutions for your personal computer.

Can your neighbors see your Quicken?

Wireless networks are a great way to share your internet service between multiple computers in your house. You can even roam the house with your laptop and still print to your printer in the study. But... is your wireless network giving your neighbors access to your personal data?

You go to the store and buy yourself a wireless router and a couple wireless adapters for your computer.

Built in Web Site Filtering

If you have children using a computer at your house, you know there is plenty to see on the Internet and plenty that the kids should not see, but what can you do to protect them?

Have no fear. Microsoft Internet Explorer has a built content filter. If you enable this feature, Internet Explorer will not allow the user to visit web sites that have not been rated by the "Recreational Software Advisory Council". There are many sites on the Internet which are safe for children, but have not been rated by this council.

MSConfig: A Very Useful Utility.

Remember when you first bought your computer? Man did it run fast. It was really in shape back then, but now you go get a cup of coffee while you wait on it to boot into Windows. Is it just getting old? Maybe not maybe it's just having to do too much work.

Voice over IP

Voice over IP technology has existed for years now. The phone companies use it themselves to route your calls around the country, but it's finally going main stream. Many companies are offering this service to residential customers, but if you are not a real techno-head you may be asking just what is Voice over IP?

Voice over IP or VoIP is simply a way to transmit voice over the internet the same way we transmit web pages and email.

How does Windows XP differ from the old Windows?

Have you recently traded in your old clunker of a computer for a new one? Likely the old one was running Windows 98 or Windows Millenium also known as Windows ME. The new computer, of course, will be running Windows XP.

At first Windows XP may seem like just a dressed up Windows 98 with that pretty green start button and all those soothing shades of blue, but look a little closer and you'll see some differences.

Cool things to do online

Several weeks ago, A nice police officer in Sealy, Texas gave me a ticket for driving a little fast. Of course, not wanting my insurance rates to higher than they already are, I chose to take the defensive driving option to dispose of this ticket. In the old days you had to waste an entire day trying to stay awake through a defensive driving class.

Do you use Kazaa or Morpheus to download music? Not a good idea.

Do you use Kazaa or Morpheus to download music? Not a good idea. Not only are these programs designed to load your computer with spyware and popup ads, but in most cases it is illegal to download music because of copyright laws. The RIAA is suing computer users by the hundreds for illegally sharing music online.