How To Create PDF Files

If you have been using a computer very long you are probably familiar with PDF files. You see them attached to emails you receive. You download them as product manuals from web sites. PDF files are a great way to send documents because anyone can download a PDF reader from Adobe for free.

Removing Programs in Windows XP

This subject may seem a little simplistic for the average techie person, but it's something I was asked to write about and it occurred to me that many computer users likely have no clue about it... How to uninstall programs.

Most of us know how to install programs.



New gadget alert! This one is really cool. It is the Slingbox from I got one this past Christmas and love it. It allows you to watch your home television service from any computer anywhere. Just what you need... more TV!

You might ask "why don't I just watch a TV?". On occaision, I like to watch TV at my office, but I have no cable TV service and the TV recpetion is bad, so I use the Slingbox AV. I have a customer who has a Slingbox AV at his house in Sugar Land so that his brother, who lives out of state, can watch local football games.

Microsoft Outlook Maintenance

Microsoft Outlook is likely the most widely used email program for Windows, but Outlook has a serious flaw that most users have no clue even exists. What if you had years worth of important emails stored in Outlook and they simply disappeared one day? It can happen.

Want a SPAM free email account?

By now you have likely made your New Years resolutions, but here is a good one to add to the list. Get rid of the SPAM emails. It is now easier than you think.

We all get them. The emails advertising free vacations, cheap drugs and debt consolidation loans.

Remote Control Your PC

Have you ever been away from home and wished you had a phone number or other information that is stored on your computer there? What if you could see your home PC's screen and control it's mouse and keyboard from anywhere you can find an Internet connection? What if it was absolutely free?

Remote control of a PC is not a brand new idea.

Forward Responsibly

If you are like me, you get plenty of email each day. It's quite a chore to filter through all the SPAM, the legitimate emails and the senseless barrage of email that are just forwards from other people.

In many cases, these forwards are great. A really funny video, a great joke, those are fine.

Affordable Microsoft Office Software

You are likely familiar with most of the Microsoft Office products already. Several Office packages are available that contain some or all of the following: Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Publisher and Access. These packages range in price from about $400 to $500. They are not very affordable for the typical household, but Microsoft has a special Office package you may not be so familiar with.

Open Office

Do you use Microsoft Office? If you do not use it, likely your children do for school projects. Every few years there is an upgrade for Office and it seems that every new version is more expensive than the last one. If you need it for educational reasons, you can buy the Student and Teacher version for about $150. If you need it to use in your business, it will cost you hundreds of dollars.