How to get rid of and prevent pop-up ads and spyware

You turn on your computer and start up Internet Explorer to do a little web surfing and then it hits. The barrage of pop-up ads. They are everywhere. You can't seem to click on anything without seeing advertisements for everything from medicines to online dating services and vacations.

How to keep your Windows up to date

Most people know that Microsoft Windows has a few bugs and security holes. What they might not know, is that Microsoft is constantly releasing software patches and fixes to repair these problems as they are discovered.

A good example of this is the Blaster worm that wreaked havoc last year.

Computer maintenance made easy

Do you change your car's oil regularly? Rotate the tires? Well your computer needs a little regular maintenance too. Here are a couple things you can do to keep it running smoothly.

Install an anti-virus utility and make sure each of the following is working:
- Automatic virus definitions updates
- Real-time protection
- Full scans each night
If you do not have an anti-virus utility or if your subscription has expired, you can find a good free one at

Secure Your Wireless Network

Santa Clause brought the kids a wireless network this year. You opened all the boxes, plugged everything in and ran the setup software. Every computer in the house shares your high speed Internet connection now. Works like a charm....right? Not so fast.

Why You Need a Router

It seems like everyone with a computer has high speed internet access. Both cable and DSL offer speeds that make dialup connections obsolete.

There is a security problem with these connections though. As fast and easy is it is to get to the internet now, it is just as fast and easy for other computers on the internet to get to you! That's why computer worms like Blaster have been able to spread so easily.