Mobile Scanning

It's amazing what you can do from your mobile phone or tablet today. You can program your AC thermostat, open the garage door, watch movies and your mobile device can even be used as a television remote. So why not use it as a mobile scanner too?

It's pretty convenient to able to scan documents to PDF to email to others or to file away on your computer.

Videos Made Easy With Adobe Voice

Video is a huge part of what we do online today. Why read a long article or blog post when you can kick back in your chair and watch a video instead right? Well… hang tight and read this one.

Have you ever had the need to make a video for a school project or to advertise some event? You may not know where to begin.

How The IRS Could Have Saved The Email

The photo on the right shows the inside of a typical desktop computer hard drive. As you can see, there are lots of moving parts. There are several platters or disks that spin at 7,200 RPM. There are arms that move back and forth to read the data from the platters much like the arm of a record player moves across an old LP record, but these arms move very rapidly back and forth searching out the data on the platters.

Keep Your Kids Safe Online!

Preactive IT Solutions helped to promote Internet Safety Training presented by the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department at the Gus George Academy on Thursday.

It was an informative session presented by Deputy Gerard Argao and Sgt.

Use Google Alerts to Monitor the Internet For Content

You have searched Google for your name right? You wanted to see what web sites mention you and maybe be sure nothing negative is out there about you, but what if someone publishes something about you next week? Would you like to be alerted?

Google Alerts is a really cool tool that allows you to do just that.

Learning to Keep Your Children Safe in the Digital Era


Are your children really prepared to be safe online? Learn child safety tips by attending this Internet Safety Education Program "Learning to Keep Your Children Safe in the Digital Era".

Where: Gus George Academy 1410 Williams Way, Richmond, Texas
When: July 10th, 6 - 8 PM

Texas Center for the Missing's Internet Safety Education Program is designed to teach parents and educators how to keep children safe from abduction and Internet lures.

Upgrade Your Old iMac or MacBook

An iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro is an investment. The price on these computers is typically double or even more than the price of a Windows computer running the same hardware specifications. So it only makes sense to spend a little on some upgrades as it ages rather than going out to buy the latest iMac or MacBook.

WARNING: Comcast to Share Your Internet Connection

A story published today in the Houston Chronicle warns Comcast customers that Comcast intends to flip a switch today that will turn 50,000 cable modems in Houston into free wifi hot spots for other Comcast customers.

Comcast residential Internet subscribers with one of the newer cable modem/wireless router combos will show a public network called "xfinitywifi.

Crypto Locker Virus Author Arrested

If you read our Computer Corner blog regularly, then you probably read about the Crypto Locker virus in our post on 11/1/2013, Crypto Locker: A New Kind of Virus. This new virus actually encrypts your files so that even after cleaning the virus, your files are still corrupt and unusable.