Email Management

We live in a very connected world. We must know everything and know it now. So we have our computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Without them we would feel a little disconnected.

One of the most efficient ways to communicate in this connected world is through email.

Password Safety

Today I received another "I'm stuck in London so wire me some money." email scams from a friend. Some miscreant on the other side of the world has gained access to her email account and is using it to try to steal money. This is relatively common today.

Computer Scams

For the past few years, it seems most of the computer related scams aimed at getting your money have been initiated by the user responding to an email or browsing to a fraudulent web site. Now the scammers are even calling users on the phone to lure them into giving them money.

Solid State Hard Drives

If you pay attention to high tech things at all, you have probably heard of SSD drives or Solid State Drives. But what is an SSD drive? Do you need one? How would you get one if you needed it?

For many years computers have used hard drives to store data.

Working From Your iPad

When the iPad 3 was released I decided I would finally splurge and buy one for myself. I do IT support and I never know when and where I might have to jump on a computer to fix something. So I keep a small, almost too small notebook computer with me for emergencies and I justified the iPad purchase as a convenient, easier to use replacement for the notebook.

Drop Box

Computers today are almost magical, but what I think really makes them amazing is the new and creative application ideas that sharp minds keep coming up with. The desktop computer has not changed a lot in the last few years, but many, many new and innovative applications have been built to run on them.

Windows Live Family Safety

Our kids are connected to a lot of digital content via the home PC. Windows Live Family Safety is a free utility from Microsoft that allows parents to control the things kids can do on a Windows 7 PC. It also lets you control when they can use the PC and gives you activity reports to see what they have been doing.

Controlling Internet Access at Home

If your house is anything like mine, at least one new electronic gizmo with a wireless connection came down the chimney last Christmas. Besides all the cell phones, we now have two iPods, two Kindle Fires and an iPad. The kids think life is great! Each one of these devices is connected to our wireless router and has access to all that the internet has to offer.

Windows Directory Statistics

Most computers today are built with 500GB hard drives and larger, yet we keep finding ways to fill them to capacity. We collect movies, music, pictures and other large files as if there is no limit to what our computers can store then we are surprised when Windows starts telling us that we are running out of space on our C: drive.