Home Networking

Most home computer users now have a high speed or broadband Internet connection. This makes surfing the web and sending email a breeze. Did you know you can share that high speed Internet connection between several computers? This is a relatively simple thing to do if you have the right components.

Laptop Shopping

Hard to believe that July is already here. Lots of kids headed off to college in the next several weeks and likely the most expensive school supply you have on your shopping list is a shiny new laptop. If computers are not your expertise, you may not have a clue what your kid really needs and you could easily spend double what you need to.

Backup? Was I supposed to do that?

This is a subject I have written on before, but I see the need to talk about it again. Backup your data! What is a backup? Why should I do it? How can I do it? I will answer those three questions here.

What is a backup?

A backup is a simply a copy of your important files.

How fast is my computer?

Many times, when speaking with customers over the phone about their computer problems, I will ask something like "how fast is your computer?" or "do you know how much memory you have in your computer?". In a lot of cases though, computer users just do not know the answers to these questions or how to find them.

Net Nanny

If there is one thing about our computers that concerns parents today it is keeping the kids safe online. There are millions of web sites on the Internet that you would never want your children to see and we will look at some software that will help block them.

Microsoft Photo Story

From time to time I come across a really cool piece of software that is absolutely free. I like to highlight them here because most of us have spent a considerable amount of money on our computers and it's nice to be able to do more with them while not having to spend more money.

Spyware, Spyware, Spyware

Is your computer infected? Check out our spyware removal service.You open Internet Explorer to do a little web surfing and it starts. Popup ads all over the place. Sometimes you don't even have to get on the web for them to start. Your computer used to run lightning fast and now it takes five minutes for the hour glass to go away when you start up.

System Restore

Have you ever run into a problem on your computer and thought to yourself "If only I could click a button and just put my computer back like it was yesterday"? Well, I have some good news. You have to click more than one button, but you can easily set your system back to the way it was yesterday.

Some Windows Tips and Tricks

When you work in Windows XP for 40 hours per week or more, you learn some details that the casual user may never find. In this month's article, I will just cover several nifty shortcut keys and screens you might not already be utilizing.

First of all, the Start Menu key or Windows Logo key is a key located on most newer keyboards between CTRL and ALT on the left side and also on the right on many keyboards.

My Computer runs too slow!

Read all about Computer Repair in Houston. The most common complaint we hear about computers is that they just run too slow! Most of the time it is not really the computer's fault. The poor thing is working as hard as it can to keep up with all the things it is being told to do.