My Computer runs too slow!

Read all about Computer Repair in Houston. The most common complaint we hear about computers is that they just run too slow! Most of the time it is not really the computer's fault. The poor thing is working as hard as it can to keep up with all the things it is being told to do.

Which Computer Brand Is Best?

We see just about every brand of computer in our repair shop. HP, Dell, Compaq, Sony, you name it. We are often asked which name brand is best, but really the answer is that none of them are. The best computer to buy is a custom built or clone.

Here is the problem.

Laptop vs. Desktop

With the prices of laptop computers dropping so much lately, many home users have purchased them to replace their aging desktop systems. Most see owning a laptop as better or more convenient than owning a typical desktop computer, but I think you should really look at the details before you decide to make the switch.

Surge Protectors Are Not Enough

Several storms have passed through our area early this summer. Many computers have been protected from power surges and spikes by smart thinking users who had them plugged into surge protectors. However, even with surge protectors, we have seen these storms cause computer hardware problems for many users.

Upgrading to Windows XP

Your friends are all running Windows XP and you are still using that clunky old Windows 98 or worse even... Windows Me. You don't want to lay out the cash for a new PC, but you have a bad case of operating system envy. Upgrading to Windows XP may be an option for you.

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Utility

It seems any computer connected to the internet today is just waiting to fall victim to any number of malicious viruses and spyware programs. Most users have antivirus software loaded and keep it updated, but very few have installed any sort of protection against spyware.

Share Your Printer

Many home computer users have gone to the trouble of setting up a home network to share their Internet connection, but they don't realize that network can be used to share other resources as well. One very useful resource to share is a printer. With a home network, you do not need one printer for each computer, they can all share the same one.

The best security for Windows XP is free!

I see computer users all the time spending a lot of money on products like Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, McAfee Personal Firewall and others. These software packages provide virus protection and firewall solutions for your personal computer.

Can your neighbors see your Quicken?

Wireless networks are a great way to share your internet service between multiple computers in your house. You can even roam the house with your laptop and still print to your printer in the study. But... is your wireless network giving your neighbors access to your personal data?

You go to the store and buy yourself a wireless router and a couple wireless adapters for your computer.