Keeping QuickBooks Quick

If you have a small business, even in your home, you know you need an accounting system and if you have made that investment, you probably chose QuickBooks. QuickBooks is by far the most popular accounting system used by small businesses.

QuickBooks is a great product.

Make Your TV a Computer

What if you could keep a computer in your pocket? Not just a phone or a small tablet, but a computer that you could connect to a large display and use a mouse and keyboard with? Tiny computers are a growing trend. In fact a few new models are scheduled to ship in July.

Taming Windows 8

If you have been shopping for a new computer lately, you know that Windows 7 is getting hard to find. Windows 8 is installed on most of the new PCs in the stores. If you don't like change, then this is not a good thing for you because Microsoft decided to remove the Start button and make some other user interface changes.

Protecting Kids on iPad

I see lots of parents handing off their iPads to the kids to play on, but if they are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, they have just as much access to inappropriate material from the iPad as they do on the home computer.

Here is a built-in method to lock down their iPad activities.

How to use any Mobile Device as a Phone

A client of mine recently showed me one of the coolest FREE iPad apps I have seen yet. The app is Text+, but there are also versions for Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

You can easily find Text+ in the App Store on your mobile device.

Synching Computers with Drop Box

Ever wish you had the data from one computer on another? Perhaps at the office you want to access a web site that is in your favorites at home. Or at home you want to get to a file that's on your Desktop or in your Documents folder at work. You can easily use Drop Box to keep these files in synch on multiple computers.

Does My Small Business Need a File Server?

Many small business owners struggle with the server question. Do we need one or not? To answer that, let's look at what a file server does and some of the features.

What Does A File Server Do?

A file server, as the name implies, serves up files. In a small business, a file server may simply be another workstation that is used to store your business files.

Should I pay for Virus Protection?

It's New Years Resolution time again. Not too many people make resolutions about their computers, but if they do it's probably about backups or security. When it comes to computer security, the first step is a good anti virus software. Or is it antivirus or anti-virus.

Connected Home

Is your home connected to the internet? You likely have a cable or DSL internet connection at home and you use it to surf the web and check email from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and phone, but what about the rest of your home? What about your central cooling and heating system? Should it be online too? Absolutely!

A connected AC system is a pretty cool thing.

Great Tech Gifts

It is Christmas shopping time again. Since we are your source for technical information, here are some cool techie gift ideas.

U-Socket: This USB wall plug simply replaces your existing wall plug. It gives you the typical two 110 volt wall plugs plus two 2.1 amp USB plugs to connect your USB powered portable devices.