Upgrade Your Old iMac or MacBook

An iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro is an investment. The price on these computers is typically double or even more than the price of a Windows computer running the same hardware specifications. So it only makes sense to spend a little on some upgrades as it ages rather than going out to buy the latest iMac or MacBook.

WARNING: Comcast to Share Your Internet Connection

A story published today in the Houston Chronicle warns Comcast customers that Comcast intends to flip a switch today that will turn 50,000 cable modems in Houston into free wifi hot spots for other Comcast customers.

Comcast residential Internet subscribers with one of the newer cable modem/wireless router combos will show a public network called "xfinitywifi.

Crypto Locker Virus Author Arrested

If you read our Computer Corner blog regularly, then you probably read about the Crypto Locker virus in our post on 11/1/2013, Crypto Locker: A New Kind of Virus. This new virus actually encrypts your files so that even after cleaning the virus, your files are still corrupt and unusable.

Windows 8: No More Product Key Sticker

If you have a Windows computer running Windows 7 or an earlier version, you should have a product key sticker. Depending on your version of Windows it will be roughly one inch tall and two to three inches wide. It will have a 25 character product key that looks something like this "H4J0K-37DHG-4HG4H-WPSD7=89FGC". On a desktop computer, this sticker can usually be found on the top or side.

Which Email Service Should I Use?

You have many choices for your email address today. You can use one of the online giants, your own Internet provider or even create your own, but what are the pros and cons and how would you ever move after having this email for so long? It's the address all your customers have, right? If you think it would be just too difficult to change email addresses, don't stop reading yet.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

I like to write these Computer Corner articles about technology that you can really use. I am on a four day vacation in California. So here I am sitting in the Loews Hollywood Hotel looking out the window at a huge Oscars banner to the left and the Roosevelt hotel to the right.

Your Most Important Computer File

This is the month of love. Valentine's Day is coming up soon and many of us will spend lots of time and money finding ways to demonstrate our love to our wives or husbands. Of course, you may already be thinking "What's that got to do with computers?". In most marriages, there is one techie person and one not so techie person.

Computer Resolutions for the New Year

It's a new year and a lot of people are talking about New Year Resolutions. They are resolving to do things they have needed to do for a long time. Most of these resolutions have to do with health, but what about some resolutions for your computer? What about the things you know you need to be doing for your computers, but just have not gotten around to? Now is as good a time as any to get started!

Antivirus:I will uninstall the free antivirus software that my neighbor recommended and purchase a real antivirus software.