Outlook Contacts

Need help with your Outlook? Contact us today!Outlook is likely the most widely used email program in the world, especially in business environments, but Outlook users don't take full advantage of its features. This article will address a few of the Contacts features in Outlook.

Google Places

Need help with your Google Places page? Contact us today!The Google Places feature is a great tool for both the consumer that is looking for a local business and for a local business that wants to be found by more consumers.For the consumer, you can search Google on your computer for something like "Computer Repair Sugar Land". At the top of the results you will see a list of local businesses with a map showing where each is located.

Open DNS Internet Filtering

Check out our internet filter service to help keep your computers spyware and virus free.If you have computers and kids under the same roof, you are likely concerned about what they might see on the internet. There's lots out there that they should not be looking at.

Check Your Backups

Need help with Data Recovery or Backup Solutions? Give us a call!

I have written many times here about backing up your data. There are several options available. You can backup to a flash drive, an external drive, a CD/DVD or even an online service. You can read everything I have ever written about backups if you go to http://preactiveit.

Microsoft XPS Document Writer

The standard for distributing documents is the Adobe PDF file. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Anyone can download Adobe Acrobat, the free viewer for these files, from the Adobe website. To create PDF files requires special software though. Adobe Distiller is very expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives available and even some freeware PDF creators.

Enterprise Email Solution for Anyone

When smart phones first hit the market they were mainly used by business people so they could have access to their corporate email. Thanks to Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones,the prices have dropped and most people can afford them.

How the Computer Guy Almost Got a Virus

Is your computer infected? Check out our virus removal service.As a computer guy, I tell people all the time to be very careful about what they download from the internet and what email attachments they open. It is so easy to infect your computer with viruses and spyware.

Gift Ideas for Techies

It's that time of year again. Time to shop for Christmas Gifts. If you are like me, you probably have one or two people on your list that are hard to buy for. If they are the kind of people that love all things high-tech, here are some gift ideas that might work.

Windows DVD Maker

To many computer users, compiling and burning a video DVD from their computer for use in their home DVD player seems like an overwhelming task, but Windows 7 includes an application that makes it easy.

Windows DVD Maker is an easy to use tool to put photos and videos onto a DVD. To launch it, click the Start button, then start typing Windows DVD Maker to find it in the menu and click it.

Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Do you have little yellow sticky notes with reminders written on them stuck to your monitor? Your desk? Maybe even the wall above the desk? Well in Windows 7, the folks at Microsoft give us a nice way to clean up all that clutter.

Click the Start button and type "sticky". You will see "Sticky Notes" appear at the top of the Start menu.